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Hello Sisters!

       Our 50th Reunion will take place in May of 2021 and your Metro-Atlanta Strategic Planning Committee has been, and is still, working strategically since our last Reunion in 2016. Now we need and want your participation in helping to make our 50th our greatest Reunion, ever!

     Contact information, for our Strategic Planning Committee members and Sub-Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs, is listed below. Please contact the Chairs and let them know your thoughts, ideas and interest in joining their respective committees. You don’t have to live in Metro-Atlanta to be a member of the Committee or any of the sub-committees. Now is the time to get involved.

Doris Sims Johnson - President, Giving Co-Chair:   404-409-9592

Linda Dicks Dumas - Treasurer, Activities Co-Chair:   585-727-9563

Bernadette Weston Hartfield - Giving  404-786-0661

Sandra Hendrix Penn:  404-863-5843

Pamela Garrett Elliott - Activities Chair:  404-633-6703

Sherry Davis Young - Class Souvenirs Chair:  404-234-2700

Rita Van Robinson Barrett - Class Souvenirs Co-Chair:  678-447-4970

Phyllis Jackson Smith - Fundraising Co-Chair:  678-467-9213

Millicent Drake Norman - Fundraising Chair:  678-429-3798

Camille Smith Zeigler - CONNECT Chair:   404-405-3859

Anita Finch Warren  CONNECT 404-505-9041

Regina Roberson Fletcher -  Website:    404-886-3613

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